HSP90 Modulators

RTA 901
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RTA 901

RTA 901 is the lead product candidate from our Hsp90 modulator program. RTA 901 is a highly potent and selective, oral, small molecule C-terminal modulator of Hsp90.

Historically, other companies have explored N-terminal Hsp90 inhibitors for cancer therapeutics; however, this approach has been associated with multiple adverse effects including peripheral neuropathy and ocular toxicity. Binding at the C-terminus of Hsp90 leads to increased transcription of Hsp70, a cytoprotective and molecular chaperone gene, which facilitates cell survival in response to stress without the deleterious activities of N-terminal inhibition.

We have observed favorable activity of RTA 901 in a range of preclinical models of neurological disease, including models of diabetic neuropathy, neuroinflammation, and neuropathic pain. In preclinical rodent disease models, we observed that RTA 901 administered orally once-daily rescued existing nerve function, restored thermal and mechanical sensitivity within four weeks, and improved nerve conductance velocity and mitochondrial function. These effects are dose-dependent, reversible, and HSP70-dependent.

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