Reata is committed to partnering with leading academic institutions, as well as other biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to in-license and collaboratively develop promising technologies capable of delivering therapeutic benefits to patients. Our licensing and partnering efforts focus on innovative technologies that target the core pathophysiological processes implicated in driving intractable diseases.

At present we are seeking new opportunities in the fields of mitochondrial and inflammatory diseases that will complement our internal development programs. Given Reata’s long-standing involvement in these therapeutic areas, we are poised to leverage our expertise and drive the development of novel technologies in related indications.

While we independently consider the potential strategic fit for each unique opportunity with which we are presented, there are a few general characteristics that we prefer.

  • Novel/profound biology
  • New or unknown targets
  • Unique approaches to modulating validated targets
  • First-in-class or best-in-class potential
  • An identified (but not necessarily optimized) lead molecule
  • Small molecules are preferred to biologics
  • Efficacy in animal model(s) of the target disease
  • Potential to be IND-ready within 24 months

If you have a new technology that you believe would fit with Reata or would like to learn more about our in-licensing efforts, please contact us.