Our Story

At Reata, our principles guide us.

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Since its founding in 2002, Reata has been leading the dawn of a new era in pharmaceutical approaches for the treatment of serious and life-threatening diseases.

We are dedicated to understanding the biology that underlies disease. We strive to understand complex, interconnected molecular pathways with significant potential to impact human pathophysiology, and apply our deep understanding of the cellular response to injury to develop innovative medicines.

Our scientific mission is to identify, develop, and commercialize small molecule therapeutics with novel mechanisms of action for the treatment of severe life-threatening diseases that have few or no approved therapies. We focus on molecular pathways that regulate cellular metabolism, inflammation, and the cellular response to injury.

What we do

Our investigational Nrf2 activators, including bardoxolone methyl, omaveloxolone, and next generation molecules, modulate genes involved in cellular metabolism and mitochondrial function to regulate the cellular inflammatory response. We are developing bardoxolone methyl and omaveloxolone for treatment of chronic kidney disease and Friedreich's ataxia, respectively. Our novel small molecule inhibitors of HSP90 and RORγt are in development for treatment of neurological and autoimmune diseases, respectively.

Our robust clinical and preclinical development programs have promise as potential treatments across a range of diseases with few or no approved therapies.

Beyond our current technologies, we actively pursue scientific discoveries to advance medicine. We value strategic opportunities that arise through partnerships with premier academic institutions and research companies.

At Reata, we understand the importance of listening to the voices of patients living with life-threatening diseases. Our partnerships with patient advocacy groups help us gain a deeper understanding of the diseases we explore. Their experience inspires us to leave no stone unturned in our quest to develop safe and effective therapies.


Who we are

We are rooted in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We are proud trailblazers that led the way in the growth and expansion of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in the region. We are tenacious and resilient in the face of adversity, hardworking, and committed to our goals of having a meaningful impact on the lives of patients with severe life-threatening diseases. As regional leaders, we value our peers and academic partners and are committed to continue building and supporting the industry in the region.

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